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I was FAT

And now I’m not, or am I?  Deep down I still feel like that … Wale on the beach  Don’t get me wrong, I mean no disrespect for overweight people, I’m just talking about myself when using the term fat here. 

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Falling flat on my face

   Picture: courtesy of  Seriously, how stupid can one get?  Or how depressed, to do something really really stupid? Take it from me, age does not protect you, probably on the contrary!! I’m off work, completely stressed by my

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I might as well top myself

but I won’t, for the kids sake!    Picture: google  Did you know that one can not sell a property without the authorisation of one’s EX husband despite him not contributing a penny towards the mortgage?  I’m drunk, by the

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I’m drifting

Towards the warm blanket of depression and the logical thinking part of me is standing right beside me, watching, watching my struggle to keep my head above water, to keep the house I can’t afford to sell, see it go

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04:00 hrs, somewhere in Turkey

I’ve given up trying to sleep, Done away with the idea of hitching a ride in the hotel lift, Eaten most of the ketchup crisps Smoked far too many cigarettes What’s left? 1. a severely depressed (ex) husband who is

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Single again

Yep, that’s me, separated from my husband of 25 years and you know what? We get on like a house on fire now 😊 After the initial shock, endless discussions, tears and begging, after having found a flat for him

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picture courtesy of: I guess that just about sums it up, my life… lost…. I´ve told Mr CB that I want us to separate, after 25 years of marriage. I´d told him before but he´d talked me round, over

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