Of frogs and cats and snoring husbands


You probably wonder what this is about, right?

Well for starters, we have a wee pond in the garden and, truth to be known, I was quite chuffed when hubby casually mentioned the frog. “We have a frog” wow, “I´ve always wanted to have a from”

Well duuuhh, they can/are/will be extremely noisy at night so… watch it boy.. or girl…whatever you are…. I´ll have you for lunch if you don´t shut up at nighttime, seriously, I will… (pst, won´t of course, who´d eat frogs-legs anyway, apart from them, ehm, people on “Come dine with me”.)

moving swiftly on:

I used to have a cat,she was the sweetest thing going ….. where was I, right, unfortunately she passed away and when our new neighbours two down moved in, little did I know

noisy as hell the buggers, every night.

Still, I am versatile, I can cope with just about everything BUT

He snores on the left, he snores on the right, he snores from the middle up and bottom down. He snores in about every tone possible, at a minimum of 93 to 150 dbA (equivalent of concert music).

Normally, I just pull his quilt and he turns and stops for, hm, about two minutes, that´s a big enough window for me to go to sleep, ISN´T IT??!!

Of course, Mr CB is probably the only person I have ever heart of having perfectioned the art of clear thinking straight after having been woken up by a very annoyed, sleepless, grumpy wife.

His (not mine) favourite responses are:

Me: turn around
him: did (so not, he didn´t move, not even bat an eyelid)
Me: turn around
him: moving his head from left to right AND BACK again.
Me. turn around NOW
him: I´m not an eg

WHAT??? what´s that got to do with it???

Come to think of it, this list could be useful at some point as a “get out of jail card” after having battered him to death with my (very fluffy) pillow!

Needless to say I got very little to no sleep last night and to add insult to injury, Jack the Ripper Russel got up immediately after the alarm went off this morning and nudged me to take him out. BUGGER OFF !!!!! 😉


I am your average wife,mother,friend,employee....a bit lost in my world, a bit crazy at times but always good for a laugh - I think ;-)

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