I just want you to know

I f$*’* hate my iPhone, ios, updates, computers, the lot…
Correction, strictly speaking it is not my iPhone I hate but the bl… guys who came up with ios software update requirements.

All I wanted to do was to update my old iPhone 3G to a newer ios version – simple, right?

F$#*#** 3 hrs later and I am non the wiser. Yeah, one thing I have noticed, my ,,, key is stuck wait till I get hold of wee CB tomorrow morning, he was the last one to use my laptop.

Crist, surely it can not be sooo difficult. I mean, I couldn´t give a bonkers which ios version is on there anyway but of course one can not have whatsapp or Facebook app or anything for that matter with the old ios 4.2.1.
And since wee CB is using my old 3G mobile, naturally he wants Facebook, naturally I want him to have whatsapp to save cost. But no…. either I am to daft to do it or I have well and truly screwed myself by wiping everything of the mobile when I gave it to him, thus putting it back to its original software state.

And why is it everyone I ask seems to have no problem doing exactly what I have been trying for the past 3 hours. I swear to God if I have to delete all my old emails from last year plus all the crappy new ones I have received in the meantime from my old email account and all the notes and pictures and and and…. , all of which obviously wee CB isn´t supposed to see one more time from that bllxxx phone I will crack and scream till my heart’s content – loud – very loud!!!
Not to mention the fact that he is currently the proud “owner” of all of my contacts private and work wise… boy I tell you don´t even think about phoning the US, Australia or Dubai for a laugh…. I just can not face deleting 200 something contacts right now 😦

Come to think of it, I thought that old email account was deleted. Just like I thought that I had cancelled my “wer kennt wen” and “I´ll spy on bitchy mum – Platinnet account” ?? So why, unknown to myself, am I getting loads of “look at me you´ve got a message” emails?

Arrrrrrrgh, life sucks and I am not a happy bunny tonight!


I am your average wife,mother,friend,employee....a bit lost in my world, a bit crazy at times but always good for a laugh - I think ;-)

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6 comments on “I just want you to know
  1. tgillespie27 says:

    Hmm…if you figure out how to update your 3G, please let me know. I was told that Apple was not offering updates for that model anymore (this happened recently). Perhaps the people who have done this did it before Apple stopped the update?? They will only update 3GS & above, or so I was led to believe. I have a 3G just sitting around here taking up space because of that. I can’t even sell the damn thing even though it’s in perfect condition 😦
    I’m so sorry you’re going through this. I have been there and remember the intense urge to break something and say really mean things to people (which of course I would never do 😉 ). Hope you work it out!


    • crazybunny66 says:

      Thanks!! I’ll let you know the outcome ones I’ve picked myself off the floor tomorrow – hopefully!!
      Currently I am considering offering myself to our IT guy in return for some help as wee CB is happily googling new iPhones – awwh my poor wallet 😉


    • crazybunny66 says:

      Hiya, tried and failed, there is no way I can update the 3G now :-(, Currently NOT a happy bunny at all


      • tgillespie27 says:

        I was afraid of that. I’m so sorry. Like I said I know exactly how frustrating that is 😦


      • crazybunny66 says:

        hmm and possibly very damaging for my finances, 10 year old boys can be very persistent in stating the obvious – mum it´s NOT WORKING 😉


      • tgillespie27 says:

        Well, I’ve been told that a 3g that can no longer be used as an iPhone works VERY well as an alternative iPod Touch. Perhaps that will help to calm the wild beasts….umm…I mean children (or is it only mine that are feral??) 😉


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