Who are you?

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Don´t worry, I am not asking you to reveal your identity, far from it. But have you ever wondered? I suppose I started thinking about it when I registered myself with jappy if only to piss off my mum 🙂

You don´t know what Jappy is? Unfortunately, this article is in German, anyone who can understand it – it will bring tears of laughter to your eyes, everyone else who can not read German, sorry, you are missing out big style here 😉

taking the mick out of Jappy

Anyway, I registered in the name of Tatjana, born 1968 and gave a hometown where my mum was born, that was all. I knew she would know who I was because I was supposed to be called Tatjana – long story 😉

Then I looked for her friend where, in turn I could find here. I had a look at her profile not much to see but still I knew she would block me straight away, but I just wanted her to know that she can not hide, and yes, sad but still I did it. I also had a look at her “friends” profiles, not much to see appart from that I could tell when she was online and which one of here friends were online at the same time.

Next minute I knew I got all these mails from all sorts of blokes. Some were nice, a simple hello, others were downright discusting, at least to me.

“do I fancy a date”
“do I fancy a real date”
“do I want to play”
“fancy meeting up”

“would I like to have my pictures taken”

“do I want to meet or do I feel that he was too young? – MATE, I am not a cradle snatcher, you could be my son for christ sake.

And a real classic:

” I am male, married and fancy threesomes but I am not gay. I look forward to hearing from you, seeing if I have interpreted your profile correctly”

WHAT THE FUCK???? what´s there to interpret in a name and a town????

Nice to know that these are the type of guys my mum chose over her family, isn´t it?

One guy wrote “profile lickers out” to which I replied surely there was no harm in looking at my mum´s friends profiles?

He asked why and all I stated was that my mum was ill and I felt sad about here being so drawn to the internet.

I did not tell him who my mum was nor did I continue the conversation. Still, a couple of days later my dad told me that my mum had “flipped” told him I had approached her “friends” and told lies about her. If I did not come out of Jappy, she would “tell the truth” on facebook.

What truth is that deares mother? The fact that you´ve taken horrid pictures of yourself and distribute them on the net? Or the fact that you met up with one? or more? guys just after your golden wedding anniversary?

Still, I deleted my profile, for the sake of my dad´s peace of mind.

But it got me thinking: Who are you, who am I here on the net?

I also realized that people here use “false pictures” “false identities” false names” and yes, of course I wasn´t cristened crazybunny66 😉

But I do create a picture in my mind of the person who´s blogs I read or even “communicate” with by means of commenting.

And suddenly I was really scared and put of by the whole internet thing.

Obviously, I do not want my identity revealed either because I tell the world how I feel here. No-one knows about this blog and sometimes I look at the countries my followers are coming from and wonder if, in real life, I might know you?

Do I?


I am your average wife,mother,friend,employee....a bit lost in my world, a bit crazy at times but always good for a laugh - I think ;-)

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8 comments on “Who are you?
  1. selfbeside says:

    I agree with you, that it’s not necessary to reveal our true identity in the net world

  2. It IS weird…like catfish (youve seen that film/tv show right? where people fall in love over the net and then meet up only to find they have lied about what they look like…even their gender for months – sometimes years during online’relationships’
    Its crazy! I suppose the difference is that us on here are doing it to protect ourselves, we arent setting out to decieve anyone. our appearances…or names…or age…doesnt affect what we blog about or that bond formed between us and the people out there who can relate to our stories. xB

    • crazybunny66 says:

      No, I haven’t seen the film, going to google it in a minute. You’re right we are not out to deceit, I know that my husband wouldn’t like me blogging personal stuff because he is very private and my boss… I’d get the sack for sure 😉 some people, like you, I feel comfortable with blogging and there is a definite bond while others, I know for sure that they have created two or more blogs with completely different identities and that has scared me because it stops me building a picture in my head. As for some of the blogs I’ve seen …. Crazy and makes me sooo pleased that they can not trace my identity 😉

      By the way, major setback on commenting with mobile phone – I was about to hit enter on a long comment on you three Cs post when your comment came in and….. wiped mine off … gone 😦 xx

      • Yup mine does that ALL the time, which is why its taken so long for me to reply lately as I have been waiting to use the laptop again. I found today though that if you view site (on the phone) and reply to comments that way it doesnt wipe it if you have another one come through.

        You know I had an old blog with a different name dont you? (if so please dont name names lol) I had to stop the old one and start a fresh so that people didnt know too much about me or my husband :/ so sorry if that scares you lol but thought you would rather I was honest xB

      • crazybunny66 says:

        Good morning, I’ll try commenting that way next time 🙂 Course I know about your other blog, sorry, I wasn’t refering to you! You are still you, on both blogs you don’t pretent to be someone other than yourself, other than the name whereas the one (or more) I mean is a completely different character, and that’s obviously ok for them but I have to have a picture in my head. There are still quite a few blogs where I still haven’t figured out their sex and that’s a bummer 😉 have a nice day xx

      • Ah I see, that IS a bit scary :/

      • Lol ok a LOT scary

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