The gloves are off

…well and truly off 😦

What is it with family anyway? You don’t see each other for a year or more, due to living in different countries and once the novelty of having them over wears of: bingo: arguments and long burried hurt and anger re-surfaces.

Sometimes I wonder if it would be better not to have family. I know this sounds harsh but everything seems to be falling apart.

Mr CB can’t stand having his mum around and believe you me, she’s not easy going.

Four times this week she buggered up our new telly. Course she did not press any buttons, no no no, not me, just one, but no she didn’t touch it, she merely pressed it…..

I know that sounds petty but trust me, it’s huge if you have to put up with it 24/7 for two weeks

Me coming home from work: where are the kids?

Her: swimming

Me: when will they be back?

Her: I don’t know

Me: did they ask you if they could go?
Her: no… Rambling on about the boy with the dog who came, her having to lock away my dog..
Me: what boy with a dog?

Her: … and wee CB was bored so I said why don’t you go swimming… Dog…. What dog… He did not have a dog …

Me: ?!?!?! *#^*^#!!

I can’t find anything in my own house anymore, everything’s got a new place now and another one tomorrow and the day after and if I turn around three times it’ll be in yet another place. .

She doesn’t stop talking,
not when the Telly is on
Not if you try and answer a question SHE has asked
Not when you’re on the phone
Not when the kids are trying to tell us something

And my hubby just can’t keep his gob shut and suffer in silence 😦

As for my family: one Internet chat sick addicted person is destroying everything I have ever believed in, everything I grew up with and everything I thought would always be there for me.
It stops me from sleeping, concentrating at work, it makes me feel sick, I was mega sad and downright depressed today for the first in a long time.
And still I have to smile and pretend not knowing so as not to break off the last bit off chance I have of turning an absolute hopeless situation around.

Watching, helplessly watching as everything unfolds like a bad play, seeing people react in ways I would never have thought possible.


I am your average wife,mother,friend,employee....a bit lost in my world, a bit crazy at times but always good for a laugh - I think ;-)

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4 comments on “The gloves are off
  1. I can imagine, I mean family is all smiles and laughter for about two days or so over here, but if you’re with them for a prolonged period after that then BANG, everything goes to shit over something small, you’re not being petty, it’s the small things that wind up and annoy people, small things are also things family think they can get away with


  2. Well, obviously, I don’t ‘like’ the stress revealed in your post, but I hear you. Sounds like you’re having to play piggy in the middle most of the time and that’s even worse, because then you can’t get it off your chest.

    Deep breaths…hope the ordeal is over soon.


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